The 2nd annual SORA Economic Forum was held online on September 23, 2022. Here’s how it went.

The forum was held by Soramitsu, a tech company based in Japan, which delivers blockchain-based solutions for different entities from enterprises to governments.

Earlier we wrote about Soramitsu in connection with the crisis in Sri Lanka. We also discussed its crypto debit card here.

Makoto Takemiya, CEO of the company, described the main purpose of the forum as follows:

“For cryptoeconomic systems to be able to compete with contemporary, centralized economic systems, there needs to be a rational economic model—this is the key thesis of the SORA economic system”.

Soramitsu is now developing SORA ecosystem. An ambitious project which aims to become “the new economic system for the Earth, the metaverse, and beyond” and to create a supranational governance system that can work in synergy with it. That’s why the connection between traditional finances and DeFi, tokenomics and macroeconomics are among the most important topics for the company and that was reflected in the forum’s agenda.

Here you can watch the full recording of the conference and here you can find more on the Inaugural SORA Economic Forum 2021.

Here are the main speakers and their topics:

Dr Makoto Takemiya, a contributor to SORA since its inception, revealed a new proposal that will upgrade SORA’s tokenomics.

  • Johannes Duong from Oesterreichische Nationalbank shared his thoughts on the Delphi project which aims to simulate both the issuance and settlement of Austrian government bonds as security tokens on a blockchain platform.
  • Hendrik Becker from Deutsche Bundesbank covered CBDCs’ influence on the monetary system.
  • Ben Senn, the Head of Strategy at Valhalla Network (DAO that is going to establish a global network of community banks), discussed QE and credit creation in DeFi.
  • Tim Swanson from Clearmatics, a company designing protocols and building platforms for decentralised markets, dwelled on product and infrastructure market fit with blockchains.
  • The keynote speaker, Professor Richard A. Werner, from De Montfort University UK, who is also the Chair of Valhalla Network and used to be a member of the ECB Shadow Council, focused on the link between the financial sector and sustainability issues and emphasised that "we need to work against the concentration of power through decentralization”.

We are going to study some of the above-mentioned reports in more detail and will be shortly sharing our observations with you. Stay tuned!

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