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About Us

Why "Observers"?

There is something important happening and we are tasked to observe and report. Our observation is continuous, it can be silent (when events act as expected, or as previously reported), it tends to summarise, make references between events, mentions participating individuals and their personalities. As observers we do not participate in processes, observing has a small but some distance from the object, observing has an angle. Observers sketch images to memorise events, take quick snaps on mobile phones, and draw diagrams to explain. Observers structure the collected information. Some observations may have more significance than others - observers should report with the same voice, but more frequently. Some observations might turn out to be wrong, they will stay and fade. There are other observers - we hear their voices and refocus. Observing is a service.

What are we observing?

Money is a unique concept created by humans, there are only a few others in this class like the concepts of time observation, religions, etc. It seems as though it has always been around and is quite simple in its concept, but it is layered and ever evolving. Technology and science are challenging the status quo and there was somewhat mystic seed thrown in the space of the money. We are observing what is happening here, and how is it developing. Are we interested in private and central banks, financial markets, state regulations and economic governance? Yes, because they are the participants, not necessarily creators of a legacy system and their actions are reactive. Are we interested in traders, scammers, hackers? Yes, because they are participants too, not necessarily creators of the next system. Are we interested in miners, NFTs, Web3, games, utopian initiatives? Yes, because this is part of an experimental sandbox that might give a birth to the next stage in evolution. Could we be observing an "endeavour" that will eventually fail? Yes, but it is still worth observing. When and what is the logical end of this process? If successful, we will see it flourish. If not, our children will continue to observe.

We are only observing. We do not give you any recommendations!

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