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UPD: Tether accuses Bloomberg of spreading disinformation

At the end of October, Bloomberg, citing its sources, published an article stating that a new investigative team is taking over looking into the alleged fraud of the Tether leadership.

Tether's reaction followed very quickly. In a message on the official website, the company accused Bloomberg of lying and recycling old news:

“Bloomberg first reported on the DOJ's “investigation” in November of 2018 and in the years after. In the time since those stories have been published - stories which have been despicable attempts at crying wolf - Tether has in fact, been collaborating with law enforcement around the world. Many of the events they have fixated on in this story are not only inaccurate but are also occurrences that have happened with our sister company, Bitfinex. This represents yet another example of their incompetent journalism and inability to separate fact from falsity.”- the message says.

Tether was also informed that the company had not cooperated with the US Department of Justice on this investigation for more than a year. However, they did cooperate with the Ministry by helping them to fight cybercrime, as well as supporting national security.

Paolo Arduino, Chief technology Officer of Tether, also spoke about the article on Twitter, calling Bloomberg’s misreporting a common thing.

Remember, that this is not the first attempts by journalists this year to try and lower the credibility of the company. Earlier, Tether spoke out about the incompetence of journalists from the Wall Street Journal.

Tether has repeatedly said that the disinformation that is being spread in the media is aimed at destroying the company's reputation, but such articles continue to appear on the pages of world-famous publications. Will this article by Bloomberg be the last? Let's continue our observations.