While still in beta, the Odyssey program is invitation-only and prompts members to complete activities, quizzes, and in-store purchases in order to earn NFTs called ‘Stamps’. And even though Starbucks never released a paid NFT collection before, early adopters managed to earn thousands on reselling free Stamps on a secondary market.

Starbucks dubbed its release ‘Siren Collection’ as the NFTs represent a version of the company’s iconic Siren. Each user could purchase up to two of the premium NFT stamps, and each came with 1,500 bonus points that could be used to “level up” a user’s Odyssey account to earn future rewards.

The drop took place on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. However, due to traffic, the site crashed at some point. Therefore, some Discord users reported problems accessing the site and error messages, with the site seemingly overwhelmed by traffic. However, all the tokens were sold out in under 20 minutes, as reported by Coindesk.

Dozens of big brands like Nike have wrung the NFT towel dry over the past couple years. What’s particularly odd about the Starbucks NFTs is that they’re coming on to the scene so late, though the most devout Starbucks and crypto fans did scoop them up. According to Nifty Gateway, 1,164 people own an NFT from the new collection. And we continue to observe.

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