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UPD: Bitcoin is Now Available in Telegram Wallet

A few weeks after adding USDT to Telegram Wallet, the wallet added the ability to use Bitcoin. And swaps of available cryptocurrencies are now made instantly.

We recently told you that Telegram integrated a cryto bot @wallet that can receive, send, buy and sell the most popular stablecoin – USDT.

Now, it supports the daddy of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin. The wallet's interface has not changed, just Bitcoin added to all wallet services.

Bitcoin in @wallet and updated swaps. Source: Telegram Wallet

In addition, the developers have updated the "Swap" section. Now users can instantly swap all three available cryptocurrencies (USDT, TON, BTC) at a favorable rate.

You can read a detailed analysis of the interface in our article about adding USDT to the Telegram Wallet.