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Sasha Markevich

Sasha has a degree in Information Technology and specializes in IT Business Applications. She has been with Observers since the very beginning focusing on crypto exchanges and Bitcoin.

Alex Harutunian

Alex has been in finance and audit for 20 years. With a strong interest in money technology, he is a contributor and technical editor on blockchain topics including DeFi, stablecoins and regulation

Alexander Mardar

Alexander has been riding the crypto wave since 2017, working as an analyst and researcher. Constantly on the hunt for new products, he always keeps ahead of the latest industry trends.

Eva Senzaj Pauram

Since finishing her studies in economics at the University of Coimbra, Eva has traveled the world. She covers the state of crypto adoption worldwide, NFTs and any new projects that catch her eye.

Jack Martin

Jack was once mildly praised for a school writing project and has been perfecting his craft ever since.