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UPD: Square Enix Teams Up with Elixir for Web3 Gaming

The popular Japanese game publisher Square Enix is joining forces with Elixir Games for Web3 gaming. By partnering they hope to connect Web2 and Web3 gaming.

Last time we checked, Square Enix’s pro-NFT CEO was stepping down, which posed a threat to the company’s determination towards blockchain gaming. However, the recent partnership announcement between Elixir PC gaming platform and Square Enix shows that the enthusiasm is still there.

Square Enix has been making strides in the NFT space, having already announced its Symbiogenesis NFT game and releasing Final Fantasy 7 NFT cards. Despite the initial excitement, the company now faces the challenge of convincing traditional gamers to embrace their new products. And this is where Elixir Games comes in – it has recently integrated the Epic Games store and features both Web2 and Web3 titles (World Eternal, Raini, Lords of Light, etc.). Elixir will take on the task of marketing and promoting NFT games to traditional gamers who are already fans of other Square Enix projects.

Details of the partnership operation remain sparse, but it’s clear that this strategic partnership with Elixir allows Square Enix to continue being at the forefront of global publishers adopting Web3 gaming, having previously invested in and partnered with key companies in the space. Square Enix and Sino Global Capital co-led Elixir Games’ last fundraising seed round in December 2022. Both companies plan to release more information about the pair-up in the coming months.

Seems like despite the traditional gamers not being too eager to try blockchain gaming, this industry is here to stay. So much is happening: the Pokémon company is hiring a Web3 expert, a vampire movie with Nick Cage is promoted using a Web3 game, FIFA is into Web3 gaming as well. We continue to observe with a special focus on the future of Square Enix's Web3 initiatives.