Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise in existence and is one of the most valuable IPs in all of entertainment. Across games, television, film, and merchandise, The Pokémon Company is constantly looking for ways to expand upon the franchise and bring in more revenue. Now, apparently, the company is looking to bring on someone with expertise in Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

According to a recent LinkedIn posting, the company is looking to hire a Corporate Development Principal to work out of its office in Bellevue, Washington. While the job listing features most of the corporate jargon you’d expect, one line really stands out: they are looking for a candidate with “deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3, including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse.” However, the listing does not give a clear sense of potential moves that The Pokémon Company could make in Web3, whether it’s NFTs or a blockchain-based game.

Pokémon’s “gotta catch ‘em all” monster-collecting game could be an ideal fit for NFT-based games or even collectible digital assets. But, hearing Pokémon and NFT in the same sentence is sure to set off some alarms in the minds of franchise fans. NFTs have been an incredibly controversial technology, and just about every attempt to integrate it into popular video game franchises has been met with strong backlash from players, like it happened with GTA6.

Of course, those who are already NFT enthusiasts are quite pleased with this development, sensing that the Pokémon series is a great opportunity for this kind of project.

Right now, it's not clear what the company is cooking up in this department. We continue to observe.

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