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UPD: Presumably the Elusive Do Kwon is in Serbia

South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that Do Kwon, who has been on the international wanted list on INTERPOL for several months now, maybe staying in Serbia.

It was assumed that Kwon left Singapore in October, where he had been for a long time, and moved to a European country through Dubai. Yonhap reports that the Ministry of Justice of South Korea has sent a request to the Serbian government for assistance in investigating the case of the creator of Terra.

The cancellation of Kwon's passport has become an obstacle to the investigation, as there are now no official records of border crossings. In this regard, the prosecutor's office admits that Do Kwon has already left Serbia

Usually quite active on Twitter and fond of commenting on news about himself and the company, Kwon did not write anything on his social networks this time. We will continue our observations and inform you about new details of this story.

This is an update to our observations of Do Kwon post-Terra activities.