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GTA 6 to Introduce Cryptocurrency in the Gameplay?

Rumour has it that Grand Theft Auto 6’s gameplay may include a cryptocurrency reward program. According to recent leaks, it will allow…

Rumour has it that Grand Theft Auto 6’s gameplay may include a cryptocurrency reward program. According to recent leaks, it will allow players to earn and exchange in-game cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and Web3 have dominated the tech world for a decade, and now the most advanced gaming franchise could step up again and be the first classic game to have missions with crypto rewards.

Grand Theft Auto series by Rocket Games have always been technologically advanced games. In 2004 GTA San Andreas had the most developed graphics and storyline; in 2008 Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced the stock market called The Liberty City Stock Exchange (LCSE). The LCSE was located in “The Exchange, Algonquin” area, but the building was inaccessible to the player; in 2013 GTA 5 allowed players into the world of stock markets, so they could buy and sell stocks according to their wants and have gameplay involving the stock market.

The future of the financial world could be cryptocurrency, and introducing it in GTA 6 could be a gamechanger. For example: In a mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin helped Lester to manipulate the stock market. Grand Theft Auto 6 could do the same thing, but with cryptocurrency.

There is no official confirmation that GTA 6 will have cryptocurrency rewards. Some think that GTA 6 will have “Crypto” as the name of its in-game currency, but won’t actually be a real cryptocurrency. Given the franchise’s habit of parodying the modern world and the huge role that technology now plays, this would make a lot of sense. Others think that GTA 6 will be tapping into a real-world blockchain, with real cryptocurrency waiting to be earned by players.

GTA 6 could well become a P2E game as it could tap into the potential profits there with its online component. However, there has been no official comment on this. P2E games, like Axie Infinity, or Gods Unchained, which have been watching their tokens fall for quite a while now, are not in their best shape and Rocket Games may not utilise this into their gaming terrain.

The gaming world has recently been discussing the adoption of NFTs. Most gaming fans think that they would become just another way to donate, which will negatively affect gameplay. For instance, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers announced that they would be introducing NFTs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which sparked a huge backlash amongst its players. In the end, the developers had to announce that they would be cancelling their plans.

Hopefully, if there are crypto rewards in the new GTA 6 game, the reward mechanics will be executed on the highest level, as everything in the previous series. We’ll see what happens and keep you updated.