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Techsauce Global Summit 2022. Source:
Techsauce Global Summit 2022. Source:

Recently Thailand hosted numerous large tech summits that introduced lots of novelties and ideas to the world. We will try to cover the most significant points from these events.

One of main events was the Techsause Global Summit 2022. The annual summit was organized by Charle Charoenphan in Thailand, co-founder of a startup-accelerator Techsauce. The aim of this event was to bring together startups and investors from different countries and enhance technology development. Businesses from many areas, from blockchain and fintech to entertainment companies, participated as exhibitors at the summit. This year, representatives of more than one hundred countries attended the event, introducing a wide range of new products for visitors.

Poland was among European guests at Techsause. The country’s pavilion introduced a platform for celebrities and their fans. Frostywhale enables users to sell digital assets and work with merchandise in the form of NFTs.

Soramitsu, a Japanese FinTech company specialising in delivering blockchain-based solutions, was another major participant of the summit. The company shared its case studies and completed project in Cambodia (we touched this subject earlier when we were watching an interview with Assistant Government at the National Bank of Cambodia). Special attention was directed to work done with Polkadot ecosystem. This company has also been on our radar when we looked into possible recoveries from the crisis in Sri Lanka.

Japanese Protagonist (not to confuse with blockchain investment fund Protagonist) introduced their project of "decentralized" resume: desume. This database is not only aimed at linking Web3 professionals, but also focuses on their "crypto" information such as NFT holdings, transaction history, etc.

Zenihub introduced a real estate investment platform, where users can buy and sell tokenized real estate. This option makes real estate investments way more affordable for everyone.

Techsause was followed by another major event in Thailand: “Tokenization Global Summit 2022” by Token X. The seminar brought together businesses and investors interested in creating new capabilities in integrated tokenization. They also touched on the subject of regulation and pointed out the importance of clear rules. Andrew Koay, Director of Deloitte Southeast Asia Blockchain Lab, also highlighted that there is big potential in tokenizing real economy and urged businesses to work toward this direction.

Southeast Asia is a rapidly developing region, and it is good to see it becoming an epicenter for Blockchain and fintech startups. We will wait for more special news from there.