Warner Music Group continues to expand its Web3 strategy: beginning of October the company posted a role of senior director for metaverse development on LinkedIn. It calls for someone New York based who can lead WMG’s metaverse strategy, including "music entertainment experiences in metaverse and gaming.” The listing also says that metaverse projects will focus on "immersive experiences and strategic content integration.”

The new hire will add to WMG's growing portfolio of key roles focused on developing its Web3 ecosystem and metaverse projects. Earlier in the spring, the company took on board Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda who is helping to shape the company’s artist-centric approach to Web3. In September, WMG appointed Neils Walboomers as president of records and publishing for Benelux, who is working on innovative ways to connect artists with fans in the Web3 era.

WMG is also actively collaborating with major metaverse platforms and NFT marketplaces. They already have a music-related theme park in The Sandbox, have partnered with blockchain gaming company Splinterlands, and are working with Roblox as well as with OneOf and OpenSea. We will continue to observe.

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