After a bright start in May, Notcoin is gaining new highs. The NOT/USDT trading pair is among the most popular on exchanges like Binance and OKX. According to Coingecko, the coin is now ranked #4 by 24-hour volume, overtaking all the popular meme coins, including its ‘elder brother’ TON, and other major industry players’ tokens like SOL and BNB. The NOT price has steadily grown since May 27, reaching its ATH of $0.028 on June 2, marking a 460% increase within five days. Despite no recent major events, the beta launch of the Explore subsystem appears to be a significant catalyst for trading volume and price growth.

Explore-to-Earn as a Basis for Multi-Level Marketing

The app is now evolving from a 'tap-to-earn' to a new 'explore-to-earn' model that allows users to earn NOT as they discover Web3 products. The model works by other projects acquiring Notcoin from the market and adding it to the campaign pool; then, users can complete the campaign (e.g., register on a platform, join staking, buy a token, etc.) to start earning from this pool. It's designed so that when users earn in Explore mode, a portion of the NOT is sent to the ecosystem fund, and some is burned (around 25% of the money earned by the community).

Users can unlock higher levels, granting access to campaigns with greater rewards. Currently, users at the basic Bronze level do not have available tasks, but those who have staked minted NOT previously and achieved Gold or Platinum status have begun exploring the blockchain space and earning incentives. The Notcoin project reported the community had already earned $700,000 via the Explore platform the previous week.

The beta version does not currently support users adding Notcoins for staking. However, the team has committed to enabling new users to obtain levels and will introduce more products to Explore in the coming weeks. Given this, another surge in activity will surely follow.

Notcoin boasts a solid user base of over 35 million users, with the potential to reach all 900 million monthly active users on Telegram, which is an impressive asset. If the Notcoin platform continues to be utilized for specific marketing campaigns, referred to as explorations or similar, it could emerge as a dominant force in the multi-level marketing sector. Simply put, the project can expand by luring side projects with access to its user base and enticing users with NOT incentives.

Previously, we observed that the Pi project, with its 50 million user base, might also eventually serve as a platform for marketing campaigns (as it has little else to offer so far). Compared to Pi, the trending Notcoin project, backed by a strong TON community, offering a user-friendly interface and an engaging experience, is significantly ahead.

Further Development

Since the Explore subsystem is off to a great start, the team promised to add two more subsystems, Games and Contests, which might further expand the coin’s reach and attract more users from the Telegram community. 

“The main goal is to have enough effectively working, value-adding subsystems built together with the community over the next 4-5 years to make it fully autonomous and self-evolving. With the Notcoin values as the core, of course.”

Teams from the TON ecosystem, buoyed by NOT's popularity, have already started integrating the coin into their apps, thus expanding coin adoption. Fanzee Battles, a prediction competition platform, now accepts the coin, as does mini-game Catizen and a community-driven gambling platform, Whale. These latter two also burned $NOT 11 million in total (around $250,000), competing for first place in the Notcoin Burn Leaderboard. If the project sustains its popularity, further partnerships and integration are likely.

The Telegram founder, Durov, believes that the price of Notcoin will increase by 100 times, but generally, predictions for Notcoin, which some already call the Best-Performing Token of the Year, are precarious, given the project’s youth and the volatile nature of meme coins (even if they are not exactly meme-coins). However, it is reasonable to suggest that the NOT price largely depends on the community’s support and the team’s ability to add usefulness to the coin that initially “was nothing.” 

By engaging the community through interactive subsystems and rewarding participation, Notcoin is creating a dynamic ecosystem that not only drives adoption but also ensures continuous engagement. The project's ability to invent new ways of attracting and retaining users by keeping them entertained, and to adapt its utility for both internal users and external projects will be crucial in sustaining its growth.

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