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Elon Musk and Twitter. Source:
Elon Musk and Twitter. Source:

Twitter users opted for Musk’s resigning as Twitter CEO. No replacement has yet been found (or announced).

Elon Musk raised a poll on his Twitter whether he should leave his position as CEO of the social media company. Majority of the users, which is 57.5% out of 17,5 million people, voted “Yes”. Musk promised to abide by the outcome.

Lately he has made some controversial decisions on Twitter, like sacking most of Twitter employees or banning journalists’ Twitter accounts, who were sharing Musk’s real-time location. Just a couple of days ago there was another new feature on Twitter: users are no longer allowed to post links to some third-party social media platforms. Musk has also faced heat from Tesla investors, who believe he has been devoting too much time to Twitter.

Anyway, from the very beginning of his taking over as Twitter’s CEO, which was at the end of October, he emphasized that his role there is rather temporary and mentioned that he would start to look for someone to replace him over time.

Elon Musk received numerous responses to the vacancy from different prominent people. Among them is podcaster Lex Friedman, who proposed his candidacy for no salary, intending to improve engineering and increase “the amount of love in the world.” Edward Snowden, a former employee of the National Security Agency who is renowned for his struggle for free speech, offered his services for payment in Bitcoin but got no response from Elon Musk. Even rapper Snoop Dogg expressed his interest in taking over the open position as Twitter CEO.

Musk seems not to be in a hurry to pick a new candidate, saying that the problem he is trying to solve is not finding a CEO for Twitter, but “finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.”

Musk has repeatedly stated that he has plans to expand Twitter functionality to become a payment system that also works with cryptocurrency. The new Twitter CEO probably should be as enthusiastic about it as Musk himself. Who will we see at the helm?