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Loopring & Protocol: Gemini – the Future of Gaming?

Loopring and Protocol: Gemini companies have teamed up to work together on the implementation of “immersive Web3 games” to Ethereum Layer 2 (L2).

Loopring & Protocol:Gemini announcement picture. Source: Adam Browman

Loopring is a company that creates protocols and develops the Ethereum infrastructure (in particular Layer 2). Loopring, according to the creators, is “the best-in-class zkRollup exchange and payment protocol on Ethereum.” zkRollup (stands for zero-knowledge Rollup) is a layer-2 feature that allows blockchains to reduce gas fees due to accelerated transaction validation.

Protocol: Gemini is a company whose main product is an application that collects GPS data from users. The main feature of the application is the ability to set a Point of Interest (POI) on a real map, the app community evaluates this point and, depending on ratings, the user who created the POI receives a reward for it in the form of an ERC–20 GEMz (Geo-Encrypted-Mappoints - (on the Z axis)) token.

Simply put, Protocol: Gemini application is an interactive map that is created by the anonymous decentralized community. In addition to the application, the company is also developing its own metaverse and blockchain. Protocol: Gemini is also engaged in designing and creating a library of its own games.

It was in order to improve their game projects that Protocol: Gemini decided to cooperate with Loopring. Protocol: Gemini projects will now be built on Loopring technologies. In the announcement of the partnership, Loopring said that they would be cooperating with Protocol: Gemini “to build the future of gaming.”

“Loopring’s zkRollup and novel counterfactual NFTs, allow for gas-free NFT minting and trading while preserving Ethereum-level security, making it a perfect fit for gaming.”

The collaboration between Protocol: Gemini and Loopring has already borne fruit. One of the projects that the companies have created together – PuzzleGang – is an interactive puzzle game with elements of ARG (Alternative Reality Game – a genre of games that uses the real world as a platform). As Loopring wrote in its announcement, Protocol: Gemini will release several more games, but so far, it’s not known when this will happen and what kind of games it has developed.

So far, it’s unclear what exactly the “future of gaming" is in this partnership and what will yield. But maybe in the future, the Loopring and Protocol: Gemini partnership will really give the community some breakthroughs. We are waiting and continue to observe.