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CoffeeZilla Tricks MMA Fighter into Promoting Fake NFT Project

CoffeeZilla, a YouTuber who targets shady finance schemes, posted about an MMA fighter Dillon Danis where he accused Danis of scamming followers, and then tricked him into promoting fake NFTs.

A screenshot of "Have You Been Scammed By Dillon Danis?" websites proofs of Danis promoting various cryptocurrencies and NFT projects. Source:

YouTuber CoffeeZilla, who we already know from the 3-part video revealing Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam, posted a video detailing the prank on Danis, in which the MMA fighter readily accepted $1,000 to post a link without understanding what it was. As a result the MMA star helped circulate the link alleging that crypto schemes he promoted to his followers were scams.

In his video CoffeeZilla, whose real name is Stephen Findeisen, used an intermediary to offer Danis cash to promote a link to what appeared to be an NFT project. The link and the cash came along with a contract that basically explained that the link would soon switch to a site listing crypto projects Danis had promoted in the past, describing them as scams. By signing the contract Danis also literally agreed to be made fun of. Danis accepted the terms without question and posted the link, but then deleted the post.

It's hard to verify that all the links listed on the Sourznft website were scams, however, many of the coins including Daddy Doge and Rocket Raccoon now have a very low value, suggesting that investors got burned.

CoffeeZilla chose to focus on Danis because he was a hypocrite in his opinion. Dillon Danis criticised Logan Paul for CryptoZoo, calling Paul a "scumbag" and accusing him of scamming his followers. Findeisen said that Danis had done the exact same thing.

The lesson here: never invest into projects just because your favourite influencers are promoting it. Only dead fish go with the flow. We continue to observe.