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UPD: Nomad exploiter transfers about $1.5M to Tornado Cash

About $1.5 million was transferred from the address associated with the Nomad exploit to the Tornado Cash. Apparently the attackers are trying to cash out the funds.

In early August, an exploit was discovered in the cross-chain bridge Nomad. Many users were able to steal more than $150 million in total. One of these users started transferring stolen assets to the Tornado Cash crypto mixer, which allows you to muddle your tracks. Tornado Cash is now under sanctions.

Withdrawal of funds to Tornado Cash from a wallet associated with Nomad exploit was noticed by CertiK Alert, a company engaged in monitoring various hacks in real time.

Over the past two days (according to Etherscan), more than 1200 ETH has left from the wallet to Tornado Cash, which at the time of writing is more than $1.5 million.

Latest transactions from exploiter’s wallet. Source: Etherscan