Hamster Kombat is another clicker game that appeared following the success of Notcoin, and all the general hype around Telegram-based mini-apps. Currently, the game is the undisputable leader among newly launched mini-apps, the editor’s choice app in the Telegram Apps Center, with the biggest Telegram group ever and nearly 150 million players. All this in just a few weeks.

Unlike minimalistic Notcoin, Time Ton, Blum, and others, Hamster Kombat has well-designed gameplay, including its funny mascot and richer game mechanics. The designers apparently aim to provide an extended game experience to maintain users’ interest.

Hamster Kombat Screenshots

Players start earning coins by tapping on a cute hamster. Users can buy upgrades and complete tasks to enhance tapping performance.

The second step is to use these coins to buy cards that automatically earn coins without tapping (mining). Currently, all cards have names related to the crypto exchange development, such as 'P2P', ‘BTC pairs', ‘Meme Coins’, and' KYC.' So, the process imitates building an exchange by adding blocks to it. The role of the player is essentially that of a crypto exchange CEO.

The project's mission is apparently to spread financial literacy in crypto trading. In addition to the game, the project produces Hamster Academy educational videos and encourages users to watch with token incentives.

The users are asked to choose a name for the exchange they manage from a list of real crypto exchanges. Nine companies, including Binance, OKX, and Gate.io, are on the list, and we expect that they’ll be the first to list the coin later, allegedly providing loyal players with bonuses.

This week, the project hinted that the ‘pre-market’ is coming by introducing special in-game boosters. The same day, the team added the first airdrop task, feeling out users’ expectations. The airdrop task was to connect the TON network crypto wallet to the game. The airdrop amount will depend on the hourly profit and other activity parameters.

The listing date hasn’t been announced yet, but according to the roadmap, we might expect it the next month. The token will be launched on the TON blockchain.

In the coming months, the team promises to develop the game further, adding a squad mode, different characters, and other features. The project has no other product announced, so the success of the game equals the success of the whole project.

While the app is gaining popularity, some raise concerns over its security. The platform has no white paper (but promises to present one soon) and has not provided any information on its privacy policy so far.

Currently, we are Observing a tap-to-earn boom in Telegram. After Notcoin exited the mining phase, 'warmed up' users started looking for a new app to apply their tapping skills. Dozens of apps are now trying to replicate the success story, but the same strategy cannot work repeatedly. Is Hamster Kombat one of these trailblazers, or will it sink into oblivion as the hype calms down? This is a story that we will closely Observe. 

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