Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg joins yet another Web3 venture. Hepartnered with tech entrepreneur Sam Jones to launch a Web3-based live-streaming platform dubbed Shiller. The app aims to combine live-streaming content with Web3 technology to provide its users with unique opportunities to interact with one another, and give back to the creators at the same time.

As a Web 3 platform, Shiller will combine audio streaming, interactive videos, games, and chats to help community members cooperate better. In addition, Shiller will allow creators in the Web3 community to share their products on other websites and "token-gate" their audio and video content. These creators will get paid in cryptocurrencies like ETHand NFTs, which can be cashed out as fiat. It was scheduled for a January release but has been delayed until April, according to Shiller’s latest update on March 2.

A preview of the Shiller app. Source: Shiller

Web3 popularity has been gaining momentum for quite a long time now, but Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in the Web3 space. He is also one of the most vocal celebrity supporters for the wider creator economy with various platforms to express creativity.

Launching Shiller is just a new venture in a line of Web3 partnerships made by Snoop Dogg in the last year. In April last year, Snoop Dogg partnered with Sandbox to launch an NFT collection called “Snoop Avatars” and released a hip-hop single titled “A Hard Working Man,” which was followed by a 50,000-piece NFT drop. Then in August he partnered with Yuga Labs to perform on a metaverse-transformed stage at MTV’s Video Music Awards together with Eminem. In the same year he announced his plans to open a BAYC-themed dessert shop in Los Angeles called “Dr Bombay’s Sweet Exploration” after launching a BAYC-themed fast-food chain called “Bored and Hungry”.

The launch of Shiller seems to be part of a broader creator economy movement where Web3 will likely play a role. While “Web1” enabled users to write HTML and read content, “Web2” enabled user-to-user interactions, the “Web3” movement aims to eliminate intermediaries in this interaction by providing creators with complete ownership over their content and the monetisation that comes from it. We continue to observe.

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