On April 1, the ‘mining-tapping’ phase of the Notcoin project ended. While the team was counting down the last seconds of tapping, the app’s current visitors reached almost 520,000. The total number of players surpassed 35 million, around 5% of Telegram active users. 

Notcoin is a viral Telegram mini-app clicker game by the TON project team last November. The fundamental explanation given by the team founder is that Notcoin is an experiment on how to fairly distribute a huge amount of tokens between a huge amount of people, and a tool for bringing the masses into crypto with an element of fun.

It is unclear (as it always is, with the ‘not-project’) what exactly the next phase will be, apart from the alleged listing. Still, users expect to be able to trade their coins and monetize their tapping efforts. The team recently asked users to contribute part of their coin to the ecosystem development (and they willingly did):

“It would be helpful for the ecosystem growth to have a meaningful amount of Notcoins for the product development, upcoming listings and for all the millions of people that will come next. If there are no good ideas for these tokens, they will be burned.”

On March 31, the team started the Notcoin listing countdown, linking it to the Bitcoin halving - ending on April 20. Earlier, on the same day, users were invited to vote for the conversion rate of in-game coins to $NOT tokens. At the time of writing, most opted for the ‘1,000,000 in-game Notcoin equals 1,000 $NOT’ option.

The launch has been postponed a few times already. The team first promised to mint $NOT within a few weeks, back in January. Later, it was reported that the token launch is expected in late March or early April, and now we're looking at April 20.

Still, the launch is highly probable. Some hardcore players (who tapped 10 million or more coins) already have the option to convert their Notcoins to pre-launch NFT vouchers on the TON blockchain. Voucher minting opened on March 14, and it immediately became the largest community collection on The Open Network. The pre-market vouchers volume reached $14 million in less than 3 weeks. 10 million in-game Notcoins equal one voucher and the vouchers are traded for around 9TON ($48) each at the moment of writing, which means that at the moment, 1 in-game Notcoin can be estimated as $0.000005. 

The project was hyped, mainly because of its mystery and slightly rebellious vibe. “We’re promising nothing,” said the team from the very beginning while users were googling for more information, and vigorously tapping. Huge referral bonuses also played a role in promoting the app: 94% of Notcoiners were invited by friends. Allegedly, the viral clicker game gained users’ trust through its links to the TON project, which most users perceive as the Telegram ‘official’ blockchain.

Meanwhile, on April 1, The Open network launched the first full season of The Open League which is supposed to attract more projects to the network. The TON Foundation will distribute 30 million Toncoin (around $115 million) among the users and developers as rewards for their activity and input.

If ever launched, the token could skyrocket thanks to its loyal clickers’ squad. But even if it all is a simple [April Fool’s Day] joke and the coin eventually turns out to be nothing, it was still a nice experiment proving the exceptional loyalty of Telegram users, the popularity of meme coins, and the never-ending appeal of clicker games combined with easy profits.

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