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Notcoin Launching, Toncoin Accelerating

The Open Network community is still gaining momentum. The excitement surrounding Notcoin's launch on major exchanges has pushed up the price of Toncoin.

Notcoin ton telegra

The Notcoin project announced that its meme-coin will be listed on Bybit and Binance on May 16. NOT deposits are already available, while withdrawals will be opened later. On the same day, Notcoin will become available in Telegram’s Wallet, a TON-based app within Telegram, which now supports BTC, TON, and USDT. Starting from May 13, Binance users can stake their BNB and FDUSD to farm NOT tokens over three days with launchpool token rewards of over 3 billion NOT. OKX starts staking the same day, allowing users to stake TON to mine NOT tokens with 1.3 billion tokens in the pool. has already started the pre-market trading of the coin, a special OTC trading service that allows the purchase and sale of new tokens at expected prices before launch. At the moment of writing, NOT was trading at 0.01 USDT, but the price after listing is unpredictable.

The team claims that the project has an “infinite model.” Other projects are expected to buy NOT, which will then be given to users, encouraging them to explore the crypto universe by completing various tasks, e.g., joining Binance or entering the TON community. Such partnerships might be profitable for both the developing TON ecosystem and major industry players targeting Telegram’s 900 million users.

While Notcoin is trending across the Web, the Toncoin price is growing. The Open Network native token has been up by 16% since the announcement that the top crypto exchanges are going to integrate NOT. Technical analysis experts suggest that TON price could rise over 20% more this month. The total value locked also grew, reaching $200 million this week, reflecting the increase in users’ interest in the blockchain.

Notcoin, a viral click-to-earn Telegram mini-app game by the TON project team, was first announced last November. The fundamental explanation of the project focused on nothing, which is that the coin launch is an experiment on fairly distributing a huge number of tokens between a huge number of people and a tool for bringing the masses into crypto with an element of fun. The meme token exited the mining stage at the beginning of April. The project was expected to list its ‘no-coin’ around April 20, the day of Bitcoin’s halving, but postponed the release, joking around and teasing the community. So far, the project onboarded over 35 million users.

The Open Project has been gaining momentum lately. It passed a significant milestone last month by entering into a partnership with Tether and launching USDT on its network, consequently attracting investors’ attention.

The network is promoting developers to contribute more by organizing the Open League competition with cash awards. During Season 1, which terminated a week ago, $9 million was distributed among 894K TON users. The top-ranked app is Tap Fantasy game, and the leading project in the DeFi section is DEX. Notcoin hasn’t entered the token leaderboard.

Apparently, the combination of Telegram, frivolous NOT, and serious TON can give a significant boost to all three. We await the official listing to share our observations on how nothing becomes something (or not).