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Happy Birthday Is on Blockchain Now

Blockchain is a technology that allows people realise pretty much any idea in the world. Here is a “festive” example - Happy Block Platform.

Source: Happy Block Platform
“People are born to be celebrated, so there should be no marginalized people. It is a project where anyone can freely recognize the celebration and Invest and celebrate at the same time” - says Happy Coin Holdings’ white paper.

The ecosystem consists of Happy Birthday Coin (HBDC), Congratulation Coin (Congrats), Happy Angel Coin (Angel) which together form Happy Block. Congratulation Coin is determined by the consensus algorithm of Happy Angel Coin and Happy Birthday Coin. As Angel and Happy Birthday Coin is activated, Happy block gets formed, and Happy Liquidity Pool and Congratulation Coin are designed to increase their value. The value increase is linked to the stake and utilization of users, and it can be freely swapped.

Platform structure. Source: Happy Coin Holdings’ white paper

The Happy Birthday platform can be considered as a reward ecosystem. When events happen, it provides a special bonus and creates a centralized event where these rewards can be shared through interaction with a large number of unspecified users. When a notification about friend’s birthday is received, the payment can be processed automatically. Customers can create a reward distribution structure using the automatic gift smart contract, which will allow Happy Platform to support steady events rather than one-time event.

Happy Birthday coins are more like souvenirs for happy moments rather than valuable assets money-wise, but it is also supposed to have some value as a currency. The coins received as a gift can be used in franchise stores in various countries. Users of the platform can use delivery, bouquet, birthday cake, and birthday-related services. The coin can also be used as a donation to some friends who are in trouble and ask for help via the platform.

Technically Happy Coin is a stablecoin. Its price is supported by Happy Coin Holdings which is responsible for its issuance. The coin runs on Ethereum.

At the first glance, the project seems a bit useless, but apart from creating small blockchain birthday “parties” for close people, the birthday celebration data recorded on the blockchain can be analyzed to create various service forms for multiple markets. Besides, this system can be used for automatic rewards by HR departments in huge companies and enterprises.

By the way among project partners are Binance, Coinbase and Yahoo Finance, so perhaps the project has more potential than it seems.

Well, we say “Congrats!” to everyone and wish you to live in a happy blockchain future!