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Educational Project by CZ Releases Testnet Lesson

Giggle Academy aims to provide underprivileged children with free basic education. The project is still raw, but its beta is reportedly on the way. One month after the launch, the first screen recording of the App was unveiled.

CZ Binance presenting his edu project

Last month, Binance founder and former CEO Changpeng Zhao announced a new educational project he fully funds: Giggle Academy. The initiative aims to make basic education “accessible, addictive, adaptive,” and entirely free. The main features will be the gamification of all learning processes, adaptive curriculum, and use of blockchain-based technologies. 

“Building a high-quality and sticky education platform that is entirely free and accessible to all is the most impactful thing I could do for the next chapter of my life,” - CZ, explaining that in this field he could bring maximum positive impact.

The project’s first phase focuses on creating a gamified Level 1 English course. The concept paper says that later, the Academy will provide classes on general subjects taught in schools. Also on offer are business and blockchain topics; however, the new educational venture will avoid historical and religious matters. Although the team recently promised to launch in Beta soon, CZ admitted that they are struggling to make the first lesson and generally still have no clear vision of the project.

Today, CZ shared a screen recording of a lesson in an installable Android Package Kit. The first lesson about colors doesn't look too impressive, but CZ outlines that this is rather a 'testnet' version that proves the team's ability to produce the content. The project team currently consists of 10 undisclosed personalities, and CZ is still looking for developers, product managers, and teachers.

Currently, there is not much information on the Academy, and it is unclear if the final product will be closer to childish platforms like DuoLingo and Langly or the more serious ones like ABA English. The first images resemble simple cartoons for 3-year-old children, but we imagine that lessons for older students might take a completely different form.

Also, it remains to be seen what level of decentralization (if any) the platform will have and if blockchain technology will be its integral or only auxiliary part. However, CZ claims that his project has no competitors at the moment as all the existing platforms are “for profit, targeted at developed countries, or with other differences” and welcomes all other market participants to provide better educational content alongside the Academy. 

According to the Concept Paper, different badges issued as NFTs and Soul Bound Tokens (blockchain tokens that can’t be transferred to other people) will be used for assessment. In the future, they, as well as other statistics, can be easily assessed and verified by employers. We have earlier observed that Brian Armstrong suggested building a blockchain-based alternative to LinkedIn. Among other projects providing education and professional credentials on the blockchain are Credly, Enter, and Indorse.

The concept also includes ideas around providing kids with payments, for example, via partnerships with various companies. The plan is to motivate children and their parents so the kids won’t be prevented from getting an education.

The targeted audience is underprivileged kids in third-world developing countries. According to CZ, the Android version will be developed first as it better suits the needs and opportunities of this market:

“In our target market, Android is probably the first device a household gets before a laptop. Smartphones also have a touch screen, which is easier for kids to interact with.”
CZ has already been involved in an educational project. Binance Academy, a free multi-language platform, was created by the exchange in 2018 to help people learn about crypto with educational content created by experts in the field. In 2023, the project released a new AI-driven tool - “Binance Sensei,” with integrated ChatGPT.

Clearly, CZ has enough money to invest all of his efforts in a zero-revenue platform. Giggle Academy might generate some revenue in the future by charging fees for higher courses and information for potential employers, but the main part is supposed to remain free forever. However, it is still expected that he will soon return—publicly or secretly—to a more profitable business. At the moment, there are rumors he is still participating in Binance management via his mysterious associate, Guangying “Heina” Chen, who recently became a member of the company’s board of directors

Currently, Zhao remains in the United States until his sentencing, which was postponed until April 30.