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Craig Wright Called Back over Forging More Evidence for Forgery Trial

The Satoshi Nakamoto claimant returned to the stand to deny that he had doctored emails previously presented in evidence during the trial. One of the prosecution's main angles of evidence is the ‘industrial scale’ forgery of documents in Wright’s previous court appearances.

For those who had hoped we had seen the last of Craig Wright spinning his lies in courtrooms around the globe, think again. The Australian self-claimed ‘creator’ of Bitcoin was recalled to the witness stand on Friday in his U.K. High Court battle against the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), which is hoping to disprove Wright’s allegations of Satoshihood once and for all.

One of the main thrusts of COPA’s case concerns the repeated presentation of electronic documents as evidence in previous legal actions, which was later shown to have been doctored. Seemingly unable to help himself when faced with a court environment, Wright appears to have been up to the same old tricks during the current trial.

Earlier in the trial, Wright’s wife shared a number of emails, purportedly between Wright and his former legal representatives, with his current U.K. counsel, who then disclosed them to the court. However, his former legal representatives then came forward to say that these files were “not genuine.”

So did Faketoshi forge evidence for his ‘industrial scale’ forgery trial? Not according to the man himself, who really managed to excel with his explanation for the doctored documents (or at least one of them):

“My real email got lost in Ontier's spam box in 2019, but someone got a copy of it out of my mailbox, then bugged my house to know when I'd be showing it to people, and just before that emailed a spoofed version to Ontier so a fake would be found on their system to discredit me.”

When asked if he knew who the alleged spoofer might be Wright admitted that he did not, but that he suspected a number of people. When pushed as to why a person wishing to discredit Wright would forge evidence to support his previous claims, Wright denied that it did, suggesting that a malicious actor had created the spoof to force his return to court.

Earlier in the trial we Observed private emails between Satoshi and early Bitcoin developers, which contradicted several of Wrights earlier claims, along with witnesses for the defence who couldn’t attest to the reliability of their recollections, which Wright was rather relying on as evidence.

We have also already seen Wright claim that he is the target of a smear campaign. However, at this point, he has lied so many times in the past, that few would now believe him, even if it were true.

The court is scheduled to reconvene on March 12 to hear closing statements from each side.