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BAYC Sales Rise Ahead of Skill-based NFT Game “Dookey Dash”

Yuga Labs, the company behind the popular NFT collection BAYC, has announced the launch of their new blockchain game, Dookey Dash.

An image from a Dookey Dash promotional video. Source: Youtube

Sales of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are surging as creator Yuga Labs announced plans for Dookey Dash, a skill-based web game that requires an NFT to play and promises rewards for top scores. The game can be played by anyone holding the Sewer Pass NFT and is a skill-based “endless runner” game, similar to Subway Surfers and Temple Run, where players go through a cartoonish sewer environment while picking up items — all without crashing and failing. However, only owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs can receive a Sewer Pass NFT to play the game.

Dookey Dash is now available to play between January 18 and February 8, and then it will be transformed into something new. The game is a “skill-based mint” meaning that it will feature a leader board – tracking scores to determine the top players. Top players ranked on the leader board are set to receive great prizes, likely another NFT item of some sort. Despite this, the leader board will be tracking the top scores from all players during the gameplay window.

As soon as Yuga Labs revealed details about the game, sales for its NFT projects spiked. Mutant Ape NFTs, the more affordable of the two, are up over 100% in sales volume, according to data from CryptoSlam, while Bored Ape NFT sales have jumped a massive 171% after the release was announced.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most successful NFT projects to date. Although the NFT market is suffering at the moment from the bear market, their approach has helped them to keep NFT demand afloat and even grow. For those interested in NFTs, the Dookey Dash event will provide a lot of very promising opportunities. This skill-based NFT mint has the potential to give good players a lot of rewards. Even for those who don't plan on playing, the increased spike in interest for Bored Ape NFTs over the next few weeks could result in some great investment opportunities.