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UPD: The Axie Infinity hack story has just become even more intriguing.

UPD: The Axie Infinity hack story has just become even more intriguing. The crypto scene Youtube observer Asobs was tipped off about a wallet that had moved 48,838 AXS (around $3 million) tokens from Ronin network to Binance exchange after the hack, but not before the game's developer Sky Mavis publicly acknowledged it. The YouTuber managed to dig back through the wallet’s transactions and found some large transfers of AXS tokens from the time the game had been launched. Then he checked some other wallets allegedly belonging to Sky Mavis employees, and some of these had also made large transactions at the same time as the wallet which Asobs would eventually link to Trung Nguyen, the CEO and co-founder of Axie Infinity. This episode could have been quickly forgotten, but Bloomberg picked up this surprising development in the story, and Sky Mavis had to give an explanation. Their spokeswoman claimed that Nguyen was actually trying to help the Axie Infinity economy and ensure there was enough liquidity on-hand. Nguyen himself tweeted right away that he was just trying to help and the speculations of insider trading are false. So, the money was moved, but what was the reason behind it? The only thing we know for sure, is that the hack really happened, and was pinned by the US Treasury department on the North Korean hacker group called Lazarus.