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UPD: Ex Terra Employee, Daniel Shin, Remains at Large

On March 27, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office requested an arrest warrant for Daniel Shin for the second time and was again refused by the court.

Daniel Shin on the background of crossed out handcuffs

As we wrote earlier, the Prosecutor's office of the Southern District of Seoul at the end of last year requested an arrest warrant for Daniel Shin. However, the court rejected the request, citing the lack of risks associated with the destruction of evidence.

After the recent arrest of Do Kwon in Montenegro, the South Korean prosecutor's office again requested the arrest of a former Terra employee, Shin. According to the Yonhap news agency, the prosecutor's office again received a refusal from the court.

”The Seoul Southern District Court rejected the request, saying there were still disagreements about the charges against Shin and that he was unlikely to risk fleeing or destroying evidence,” - Yonhap writes.

We will continue our Observations of the court proceedings related to Terra employees and inform you about the news!

This post is an update to our earlier article: A New Stage in the Investigation Against Terra Employees