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On this page we give a very short description of weekly Moneytech trends observed in Google search, Twitter and other media


GOOGLED: Euler Crypto [hack], Barney Frank [lawmaker on the board of Silicon Valley Bank]


GOOGLED:, and [trending websites that look exactly the same]


GOOGLED: [India] e-rupee CBDC mining app [scam]


GOOGLED: TruthGPT [AI tool inspired token sale]


GOOGLED: South African brothers crypto heist [Africrypt investment firm lost $3.5 billion], Bitcoin ATM [US installations negative in 2022]


GOOGLED: DOJ crypto [enforcement] announcement [Bitzlato cryptoexchange illicit Russian finance]

TWITTED: #FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee meeting Feb 1]


GOOGLED: Agix crypto, Hive blockchain, Why is bitcoin up


GOOGLED: Fanverse [coin sale], Siesta Key Mike [Vazques works in Fanverse], [CryptoZoo project turned into] RealZoo, Square Enix [is bullish on] blockchain [games], Nugen coin [sales follow up], Blockchain brawlers [game]


GOOGLED: Midas crypto [investment firm shut down operations], ARBK Argo blockchain mining firm suspended trading on Nasdaq]


GOOGLED: Logan Paul's NFT [CryptoZoo project failure]


GOOGLED: [Stephen] tWitch [of The Ellen DeGeneres Show suicide, invested in] crypto, White House Press Secretary [questioned about FTX SBF Donations],


GOOGLED: az44t [and other Amazon crypto scam trending again], Buy Bitcoin on Etoro, CoDi [Mexican fast retail payment system], Caroline Ellison [of Alameda hired] Stephanie Avakian [of WilmerHale for defense], Algorand [Cometa liquidity protocol launched]


GOOGLED: Crypto billionaires deaths [list of 2022 added Vyacheslav Taran of Libertex and Forex Club, helicopter crash], Mundo Crypto [problems but persists with token], Nigerian NITDA blockchain scholarship [to train 30,000], Modern digital asset [NFT in NYT crossword]


GOOGLED: Tiantian Kullander [co-founder passed away], Doubloon [token created by TikTok trend], Hive Social [users grow - flee Twitter]


GOOGLED: Paradox crypto coin [launched 17/11/2022], Texas blockchain summit [was held 17-18 in Austin], [Cardano's IOG launched privacy focused] midnight blockchain, [Australian Securities Exchange,] ASX [canceled] blockchain [based clearing system project], Telus [Canadian telecom - 1.5% surcharge fee on the bills paid with credit cards], SNM [SONM project token price +1800%], Genesis [Global Trading, subsidiary of DCG (Grayscale), halted withdrawals]

TWITTED: #SNM [token rise], #Genesis, #CreditSuisse [under media attack, faces significant withdrawals]


GOOGLED: FTX, Tom Brady [, other FTX investors lose], Sam Bankman-Fried [or SBM FTX founder and CEO], Istanbul blockchain week [14-17 Nov], Bitcoin 360 ai [of Amazon is fake], Prager Metis [FTX auditors have metaverse office]

TWITTED: The FTX, CRO [of down, proof of reserves]


GOOGLED: Alameda [Research investing firm that is under the same control with] FTX [exchange has significant investment in FTX token] FTT [that appears to be minted recently to back Alameda worsened positions], Microstrategy [(NASDAQ: MSTR)] stock tumbles. Has reserves in Bitcoin]


GOOGLED: OKX [giveaway on], HFT [Hashflow token of Binance launchpad DEX], Marinade [Solana based altcoin got listed on Coinbase], Mastodon owner [founder Eugen Rochko]

TWEETED: Twitter migration [to Mastodon]


GOOGLED: Ilon Mask [buys twitter], Aptos [blockchain problems], Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain summit on Nov 4]


GOOGLED: Richard Heart [ PulseX and owner of the largest diamond], Casper crypto [up], Mango [DEX hacker outs himself returns funds], Aptos [blockchain launch]

TWEETED: QNT [token of up], Liz Truss [stands down]


GOOGLED: IMPT crypto [launched ICO for carbon credit token], Illuvium [announces interoperable blockchain game], Partisia blockchain [online hackathon Sept 29 - Nov 14], Crypto Jabb [a.k.a. Coffee 'N' Crypto, discusses US CPI data effect on cryto markets

TWITTED: [Lunatics have] Coinbase [trending] aiming #coinbaserelistlunc


GOOGLED: [Binance] auto-invest [function allows dollar cost averaging], Kardashian [settles SEC $1.2M fine for unlawful crypto touting], SF blockchain week SFBW2022 Oct 31st to Nov 6th, 2022

TWITTED: Paypal updated its T&C that allow them to seize user funds if they spread „misinformation“.


GOOGLED: kp [Keller Postman] crypto settlement, XRP [Ripple case news], AAVE [developers got $16M from AAVE DAO for the past work], [Nestle, AT&T among] Amazon Managed Blockchain [customers], Blockchain Backer [@BCBacker tweets about #DowJones, predicts depression], Allfunds Blockchain [launches the first-ever tokenized fund]


GOOGLED: Angelyne [billboard queen NFT], USDT market dominance [is up at 7%]

TWITTED: Sweetcoin [fitness dApp launches its coin]

OBSERVED: [cryptoexchanges prepare for] the Merge


GOOGLED: Crypto tax India, Spare Blockchain,, Denarium physical bitcoin

TWITTED: SOL, Tether, Cryptocrash

OBSERVED: Acala, Huobi, eNaira, Celsius


GOOGLED: sale, blockchain company stock, blockchain for babies book, 5ire funding

TWITTED: EthCC, Tesla sells BTC, PoW, USDT

OBSERVED: EthCC, Court service with NFT, Dubai Metaverse, Zipmex insolvent