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On this page we give a short description of Weekly Moneytech trends observered in Google search, Twitter and other media. It is the intended result of the complete process of presentation of textual material in order to communicate meaning.


GOOGLED: Angelyne [billboard queen NFT], USDT market dominance [is up at 7%]

TWITTED: Sweetcoin [fitness dApp launches its coin]

OBSERVED: [cryptoexchanges prepare for] the Merge


GOOGLED: Crypto tax India, Spare Blockchain,, Denarium physical bitcoin

TWITTED: SOL, Tether, Cryptocrash

OBSERVED: Acala, Huobi, eNaira, Celsius


GOOGLED: sale, blockchain company stock, blockchain for babies book, 5ire funding

TWITTED: EthCC, Tesla sells BTC, PoW, USDT

OBSERVED: EthCC, Court service with NFT, Dubai Metaverse, Zipmex insolvent