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The Merge is Approaching (Again)

The Merge — the complete transition of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake — will happen very soon. We present you the latest news on this process.

 Goerli-prater merge projections.
Goerli-prater merge projections. Source:

Don’t know what The Merge is? Click here. Let’s start with the most interesting. The final rehearsal of The Merge has been finally confirmed. The Goerli network will become the final testnet to merge before mainnet”. Tim Beiko announced the upcoming dress rehearsal on GitHub.

Beiko’s announcement on GitHub. Source:

A test merge will occur on the Goerli network when terminal total difficulty reaches a value of 10,790,000. Judging by the calculations of the Ethereum development team, this will happen around August 9–11. At the time of writing this article, Goerli’s estimated total difficulty at 10,653,487.

In addition to the test merge, another pleasant event occurred in the Goerli network: “Goerli-shadow-fork-5 merged successfully.” This was announced on Twitter by abcoathup.eth, editor of @WeekInEthNews and creator of @BlockHorses.

Vitalik Buterin appeared at the EthCC[5] on July 19–21 and spoke about the future of Ethereum. Vitalik presented the Ethereum roadmap and said that after The Merge, developers plan to work on “the surge, the verge, <…> the purge and the splurge”.

“The Merge is a Proof-of-Stake, the surge is a shorting and the verge is a merkle trees, the purge is like state expiry and like deleting old history and the splurge is a basically just all of the other fun stuff.” — Vitalik Buterin on EthCC[5].

Also, another Ethereum Core Devs Meeting recently happened. It’s already the 143rd in a row. We are waiting for new news and continue to observe.