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The Fourth Birthday of the Main Tron Network and other Network News.

More than 100 million user accounts have been registered on the main TRON network. On the same day, the main TRON network celebrated its…

Tezos price
Tezos price. Source: Coinbase

More than 100 million user accounts have been registered on the main TRON network. On the same day, the main TRON network celebrated its 4th anniversary.

In May 2018, the Main TRON Network was launched, which today is one of the three largest public networks in the world. TRON is still building the infrastructure for a decentralized Internet. As a result, TRON has become one of the largest and oldest blockchain platforms in the world.

100,048,526 user accounts were on the TRON network, according to the TRONSCAN blockchain browser on June 25. This event was shared on Twitter by the founder Justin Sun. He also noted that what is happening today is only the beginning of a path of mass introduction of TRON.

Anniversaries are about success, let’s talk about the success of the TRON. Today, the total number of transactions to the TRON has exceeded 3.4 billion, the daily volume of stablecoin transfers has exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and daily settlements are at least five times higher than on the PayPal system. In addition, there is the largest circulating stock of stable USD Tether (USD) coin on Tron network, which has been overtaking Ethereum since April 2021.

TRON also successfully integrated BitTorrent into its ecosystem in July 2018. This technology allowed creators and consumers to have autonomous control over their content and data. In the same year, it became known that Justin Sun had completed a deal to buy BitTorrent. This news excited the crypto community, but was not commented on by Sun in any way. Even today there is no information about the use of the purchased BitTorrent.

Launched, like TRON, in 2018, Tezos, unfortunately, cannot boast of success against the background of the collapse of Terra. According to the price chart of the Tezos (XTZ) for the entire time of its existence, the token is trading lower today than back in 2018. From which we can conclude that currently the Tezos company is having hard time.

In our opinion, there are also prerequisites for the further development of TRON. As we wrote earlier, the company launched its own stablecoin TRX, which not only quickly gained popularity, but was also able to succeed in the market, while other stablecoins were in crisis after the collapse of Terra. After that, the company announced that it would modify the USDD issued by TRON DAO into a “re-secured stablecoin”. The decentralized autonomous organization TRON DAO Reserve is also going to withdraw 2.5 billion TRX from the Binance platform “to protect the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market.”

Today, TRON shows itself as a successful and promising company that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and is not forgetting to ensure its stability. And what will we be able to tell you by the next birthday of the company, only time will tell.