The popular Web3 ‘move-to-earn’ app StepN was hit with a number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks this weekend, the third time in three months.

According to StepN Twitter page, at the time of this writing, the developers have addressed almost all the issues from the DDoS attacks, and users should now be able to run and walk without errors.

It all started on Sunday, when the company tweeted:

And on Monday, users were notified that the game was experiencing ‘network congestion’ after it was hit with 25 million DDoS attacks in a short period.

A DDoS attack is when malicious actors try to bring down a website by overloading it with useless traffic. Such attacks are very common — particularly in the crypto world. For instance, this April, Cloudflare, a content-delivery network, detected and stopped a huge DDoS attack on a not specified cryptocurrency platform. It was bombarded with 15.3 million requests per second.

StepN is a lifestyle crypto gaming app where users are rewarded for moving outdoors. Players have to buy Solana-based NFT sneakers to play the game, and earn tokens when they run or walk. We have already explained how StepN works recently, so dive into the article!

This is not the first time hackers are trying to bring down the popular app: both in April and May, the game announced people were trying to cripple it by sending millions of DDoS attacks.

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