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Saga 2.0 Presale: Second Solana Smartphone Gets ‘Electrifying Response’

Echoing the recent sales rebirth of its predecessor, the new mobile, with better hardware and new Web3 services, has exceeded presale order expectations in less than a day.

Solana Mobile has unveiled its second Web3 smartphone, following the recent phoenix-like rebirth of its first model. Saga launched at an initial price of $1,000 in April 2023, although this was later reduced to $599 to boost sales after an underwhelming start.

The recent surge in interest for Saga was partly due to a promised airdrop distribution of Solana meme-coin BONK tokens, which led to a sell-out and subsequent high bids for the phone on secondary markets. Saga phones on eBay have seen bids soar to over $3,000.

The second iteration of the Saga phone is expected to maintain the same premium smartphone features and Web3 optimization as the first model, with built-in Phantom wallet, hardware-based protection for private keys and integration with the Solana dApp ecosystem. However, it is pitched at a more affordable price, with presale currently available at $450 in the 'Founder Window'. Solana Mobile said Saga 2.0 could be launched as early as the first half of 2025.

'Chapter 2' will reportedly include enhanced hardware and potentially broader blockchain network support, increasing access to various dApps and crypto services directly from the device.

Like its predecessor, the new device will be eligible for the Saga genesis token, Solana Mobile's non-transferrable device-specific NFT, which it is claimed, "helped create an unparalleled and community-based distribution channel, enabling one-of-a-kind claim experiences along with the Solana dApp Store." Token holders are eligible to participate in exclusive events. At launch, users of the original Saga had access to an exclusive mint of 2,000 unique Claynosaurz NFTs and Saga-exclusive content.

"Apps listed on the Solana dApp Store will be able to offer Saga user-only benefits and rewards based on ownership of the Saga genesis token."

The firm added that "while the Saga genesis token is only available for Saga devices, there was incredible appetite to reach users using this mechanism" and shared its eagerness to further develop and enhance this experience in the upcoming Chapter 2.

Solana Mobile highlighted the sale of over 15,000 first-model devices in a single day, attributing this success to the Solana developer community. The firm has sold 20,000 of the original Saga in total and hopes to sell at least 100,000 of the new model. The Solana Labs subsidiary aims to cater to a broader audience and further integrate crypto and blockchain technology into everyday mobile devices. Less than 10 hours after the Chapter 2 announcement, Solana Mobile said order volumes had exceeded their expectations for the first day.

"It's time to aim much higher," Solana Mobile said on X. We will continue to Observe.