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Ready Player One Metaverse Teases Battle Royale: Movie Sequel Incoming

Channeling the immersive world of the OASIS, Readyverse Studios has unveiled its debut project, OPEN, a AAA battle royale game. This news comes alongside Steven Spielberg's confirmation that he is attached to a movie sequel, Ready Player Two.

Readyverse Studios has dropped its first trailer for OPEN, a 3rd person AAA battle royale game set in the immersive world of the OASIS from Ready Player One. The new metaverse venture launched in January has ignited excitement in fans of Ernest Cline's dystopian sci-fi franchise.

The Readyverse Studios team includes Cline, along with Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, co-founders of Futureverse, an AI and metaverse technology company. Their expertise in building the technological foundation for the metaverse is crucial. Additionally, Dan Farah, the producer of the Ready Player One Hollywood movie, brings his experience in capturing the essence of the OASIS on screen.

Developed by Walker Labs (a studio boasting talent from industry giants like Epic Games, DICE, and Microsoft), debut title OPEN takes its initial inspiration from Cline's world but expands far beyond it. According to the press release, players can expect "nostalgia-infused biomes" featuring a wide range of pop-culture references, potentially rivaling the success of the world's top battle royale game, Fortnite.

The core gameplay revolves around "multi-round collaborative and competitive game modes," with strategic thinking, tactical positioning, and various skills (gunplay, movement, driving) determining success. The game is currently being developed for PC and current-gen console platforms.

Wajhi Jafri, executive producer at Walker Labs, emphasized the team's commitment to crafting an engaging lore in collaboration with Cline, suggesting a focus on original storytelling alongside developing the world established in the novel and movie.

The brief teaser hints at an action-packed world with the iconic DeLorean (confirmed to be part of the game, along with Reebok branding) making an appearance. While these are the only confirmed integrations so far, the possibilities for other pop-culture crossovers remain wide open. Players might encounter weapons, vehicles, or even character customization options themed around their favorite movies, games, or TV shows.

However, OPEN is just the first piece of the Readyverse puzzle. According to its website, the game is the "hero experience" within a larger, more ambitious project – the Readyverse platform, which will be launched later this year. The Readyverse aims to be a "next-gen immersive and interoperable platform for discovering metaverse games and experiences." This central hub aims to connect players to many interconnected metaverses, each offering unique experiences. OPEN hints at a potential feature core to the Readyverse platform itself: interoperability, or the ability for players to use assets and intellectual property (IP) from other games and experiences within the Readyverse.

Its website also hints at a new "versatile meta game" dubbed 'The Hunt', which is playable online and offline in physical locations, with players completing quests for digital and physical rewards.

While the battle royale genre might already seem saturated (see Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends), OPEN's focus on nostalgia, pop-culture integration, and an expansive universe within the Ready Player One universe could offer a fresh take on the formula.

Adding to the current excitement surrounding the Ready Player One universe, director Steven Spielberg has confirmed his involvement with a movie sequel, Ready Player Two, although this time as producer, not director, during an interview with Showbiz411 following the Oscars ceremony. So far Warner Bros. Studios has not yet officially greenlit the project. Nevertheless, Spielberg's attachment suggests it might be moving closer to development approval.