Qatar Airways has introduced a metaverse experience called ‘QVerse’, which replicates boarding one of the company’s luxurious planes. Passengers may now obtain a virtual preview of their upcoming flight by visiting ‘QVerse’.

Last week Qatar Airways debuted its first metaverse experience, ’QVerse’. This virtual reality platform allows to visually explore and navigate the Hamad International Airport’s Premium Check-in section. Thereafter, visitors can view Economy and QSuite seats in Qatar Airways’ airplane. The national carrier of the State of Qatar is also the first global airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew offering a digital interactive customer experience.

‘QVerse’ is the company’s first venture into the Metaverse. The company is planning to develop its virtual environment projects and believes that the metaverse will change the future:

“We believe that the future is virtual. The metaverse will empower human beings, expand their horizons and break their limits by challenging the most basic methods that were once limitations.”

The company said it would integrate compatibility with Meta’s Quest VR headset to make its ‘QVerse’ even more realistic. Customers may soon be able to purchase NFT boarding passes in the metaverse, according to the airline.

‘QVerse’ is going to be refined and upgraded, but it is also open to collaborating with other metaverse systems, like Decentraland and The Sandbox. In the near future ‘QVerse’ could be presenting customisable client avatars, gamified process of getting NFT tickets, celebrity performances in the metaverse and much more.

Qatar Airways is one of many popular airlines that are interested in using Web3 in their business strategies. In fact, Emirates Airlines also has ambitious metaverse plans. Emirates has announced that it is working on accepting Bitcoin for ticket purchases and that it will issue NFTs with loyalty benefits.

Australian Qantas Airways has revealed that it would mint special NFTs which may provide Qantas Frequent Flyers bonus points. In May 2022, airBaltic launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs called Planies linked to its loyalty program.

A small Taiwanese airline Tigerair cooperated with Maicoin platform to create NFTs with its animated tiger mascot. TravelX and Air Europa released NFT flight tickets on the Algorand blockchain. In December, the first passengers flying from Madrid to Miami will use NFTs to board their plane.

Although airline companies’ metaverse experience is yet to be polished, the prospect of buying NFT tickets seems extremely convenient. Let’s see how the airline companies will be moving forward in the NFT and metaverse domains.

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