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Our 10 Most Popular Articles About Crypto World on Medium

Our first article on Medium “Helium receives $200M funding in Series D” was published on April 11, 2022. Since then our team of Observers have written over 600 stories about crypto, Web3 and moneytech. Here are the Top-10 of our most viewed articles.

Let’s start!

10. Solana Drift is one of 6 articles where we wrote about Solana’s problems last year. This May the network clock lost track of time and was half an hour behind real time. Now the network status page says “All Systems Operational”.

9. Sora Offered Its Help To Sri Lanka. What Background Does This Organization Have? is an article about Tokyo-based company Soramitsu and the Sora Community that offered help to the Sri Lankan government last summer to handle an economic crisis.

8. Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade. What’s New? deals with the major update of the Ethereum network which will likely be deployed sometime within the first two weeks of this April.

7. Web Summit 2022 Highlights is our overview of the agenda of one of the world’s leading tech conferences which took place in November 2022.

6. GMX Loses Half a Million User Funds in September, Gets Tokens Listed in October deals with the exchange exploit and subsequent listing of its tokens on Binance. By the way, since then the token price has been rising!

5. Ethereum: Shanghai Upgrade is another article about the upcoming upgrade, which describes in detail what exactly it will do to one of the main blockchains in the world.

🔎 In case you missed it, we also have written multiple articles about one of the main events of the past year — The Ethereum Merge. For example, Uncalm before the storm: “The Merge” is coming and The Merge. It Happened.

4. ‘Solana Program Close’ Or How to Delete a Project by Clicking a Button — another article about Solana, another problem! That time developers used ‘solana program close’ command which led to highly unpleasant results…

Here comes Top-3!

3. Square Enix Will Push into Blockchain Gaming in 2023 opens up the top 3 list! In January the gaming giant reaffirmed the company’s focus on blockchain technology promising “multiple blockchain games” despite a lot of criticism from the gaming society. Now Square Enix is building a new gaming experience called ‘Symbiogenesis’ on the Polygon blockchain.

2. FTX Auditor Has an Office in the Metaverse takes honourable second place. The collapse of FTX crypto exchange and the hype around it has put everything connected to the company — including its auditors — in the spotlight.

1. The Decline of Magic Internet Money and the Exposure of Insiders is the indisputable leader — 1.6k views. The story deals with the stablecoin of the Abracadabra ecosystem that lost its peg to the dollar in June 2022. That was the result of Terra stablecoin collapse and we have observed a similar reaction of MIM to the recent USDC crisis.

Last but not least!

These articles didn’t enter our Top-10, but we still would love to highlight them:

Share in the comments which articles you liked the most and follow our Medium profile and this website for more fascinating stories. Stay tuned, we will continue to observe for you!