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UPD: Tether made a statement in response its portfolio quality allegations

On July 27, Tether made a statement in response to rumours that their portfolio of commercial securities consists of 85% of Chinese or other Asian commercial securities. In their message , Tether put forward several main points:According to the company, misinformation and rumours entail reputational losses, which are now comparable to fraud and hacker attacks, as they can have a negative impact on the company's work. Tether does not have Chinese commercial securities in its portfolio at all. Tether's portfolio of commercial securities is diversified and has limitations. The most important thing is that the company once again stressed that "the reduction of commercial securities is an obligation to its community." Transparency and openness are very important for the company, therefore, as we wrote earlier, Tether actively talks about its reserves and strives to gain the trust of investors.