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Mysterious Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription Ignites Crypto Buzz

The inscription at ordinal number 55,365,041 combines poetry and Bitcoin terminology, suggesting a new and innovative art project on the blockchain.

A mysterious message inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain has sparked curiosity among fans. This unique inscription hints at a new kind of art project in the Bitcoin world.

The strange Ordinals inscription, which emerged on the Bitcoin blockchain at ordinal number 55,365,041, has captivated the attention of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Its enigmatic message has sparked widespread curiosity and speculation about a potentially groundbreaking Ordinals art project.

The inscription reads

“10,000 sats, side by side. A single UTXO, untouched inside. Born together, cursed at heart. Built with code, Bitcoin Art.” 

While the message’s meaning puzzled some, others proposed insightful interpretations:

  • “10,000 sats, side by side”: This phrase refers to 10,000 satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin units, arranged together.
  • “A single UTXO untouched inside”: This line suggests these satoshis are part of a single Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO), indicating they have not been part of any transactions.
  • “Born together, cursed at heart”: This suggests the simultaneous creation of these satoshis, with a hint of inherent challenge or difficulty ("cursed at heart").
  • “Built with code, Bitcoin Art”: This emphasizes Bitcoin as a digital creation, highlighting its artistic and creative aspects.

The inscription has generated significant interest within the Bitcoin ordinal community, with some considering it to be an innovative marketing strategy for an upcoming ordinals collection.

Efforts to find the project’s social media presence were unsuccessful. However, its team later added another inscription:

“We have no Twitter. We have no Discord. We are not for sale. We only communicate through children of ‘The Monument’. DO NOT CLICK LINKS. DO NOT TRUST IMPERSONATORS. PROTECT YOUR SATS.”

In ordinal inscriptions, a parent-child relationship allows the owner of an inscription to create a “parent” inscription, and multiple “children” inscriptions related to it. 

In this case, “The Monument” inscription is the parent:


This parent inscription also has multiple children inscriptions which are currently displaying a loading bar:


This loading bar is likely to evolve into a more meaningful image later and will serve as a  communication medium for the team. The collection creator could then burn the parent inscription, ensuring no further inscriptions can be added to the collection.

Whether this collection will evolve into something significant remains to be seen. However, it has already generated considerable buzz in the ordinals community, indicating that might be worth following.

In a broader context, ordinal inscriptions are exerting a growing influence on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Since their launch, the number of inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain has continued to increase, with more than 55.8 million inscriptions minted to date.