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Meta Allows Sharing NFTs on Facebook and Instagram

Meta announced on September 29 that everyone on Facebook and Instagram in the US could share and cross-post their NFTs. Additionally, users from 100+ countries can now have access to the feature on Instagram.

Meta recently allowed posting and sharing NFTs on Facebook and Instagram
Meta recently allowed posting and sharing NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. Source: Meta

The feature has been tested since May and was only available for selected users, but now everyone in the US can share their digital collectibles (read: NFTs) on Facebook and Instagram. Sharing on the latter platform is also available in over 100 other countries.

An example of a digital collectible posted on Instagram
An example of a digital collectible posted on Instagram. Source: Elektra

To make the whole thing work, you have to connect your crypto wallet to your profile, after which you can create a post featuring the NFTs you have in it. The creator and collector can be tagged automatically. Currently 5 wallets are supported in your smartphone app, including Coinbase’s wallet, MetaMask, and Dapper. Instagram users can also cross-post their NFTs to their Facebook accounts.

While Twitter and Reddit have focused on NFT-based avatars, Meta is trying to reach a wider audience by introducing features that will let people show their digital collectibles through posts. The company’s plan is to support all major blockchains and wallets so more crypto-native people can display digital art on a mainstream platform. At the same time, crypto-curious people can look at NFT posts just like other posts on their feeds and learn more about them.

The company has also expressed a desire to build a digital art marketplace where users could purchase items in the metaverse. We wrote about Zuckerberg’s metaverse plan here, and yet he has been facing more losses than wins on the way. Maybe Meta’s CEO hopes that digital collectibles will deliver him that major win. We will continue to observe.