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Major League Baseball Launches Dynamic NFTs

Major League Baseball (MLB) is releasing new 2023 season digital collectibles with Candy Digital, the NFT startup that has been an official MLB partner for 3 seasons in a row.

Collector's items have been around since the inception of baseball. This season, Candy Digital is turning the art of collecting baseball memorabilia on its head with its new MLB ICON Leadoff NFT collectibles.

The collection, done in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players, Inc., will include 720 featured players whose stats will be updated daily throughout the season, turning each NFT into a living baseball card. Apart from daily updated statistics, other aspects that make the project engaging include officially licensed videos of players’ highlights that will be added throughout the season to each NFT’s multimedia showcase. Each NFT will have distinct versions and rarity levels (Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) available for fans to collect and trade.

A few days ago Candy released the first drop of 43 MLB stars priced at $43 per pack with three player collectibles included per pack. That drop sold out in minutes.

Candy’s commemorative game tickets will continue to be offered this season after nearly 200,000 NFT collectible tickets were redeemed by fans who attended games last MLB season. MLB fans still need to purchase a separate traditional ticket to enter the ballpark, but NFT collectible tickets could eventually offer admission access to events.

Candy Digital intends to expand its digital collectible projects by incorporating AR connectivity. Given that, the company’s CEO Scott Lawin thinks they can work together with rivals such as Sorare to bring utility to their customers and collectors. Candy is an “official NFT partner” of MLB through its deal signed in 2021, whereas Sorare became the league’s “official NFT baseball game partner” in 2022 and launched an NFT-based fantasy baseball game.

The potential of dynamic NFTs in the sports industry is extensive, yet there haven’t been many examples so far. These kinds of dynamic digital assets and video content differentiate them from physical collectibles, making them more interactive and engaging. Plus, these features will likely lead owners to check them more often. We continue to observe.