Recently a bitcoin supporter named Jim Blasko claimed that he discovered the oldest upload of Bitcoin’s version 0.1 codebase.

This code was thought to have been lost for more than 10 years. Blasko said that just with a “little browser hacking” he was able to find the lost version of raw data and files stored on He published the whole story on Facebook:

Alright cryptoheads, feel free to share, I have discovered some long lost Satoshi Bitcoin code. I was able to dig up the...

Posted by Jim Blasko on Friday, October 7, 2022

The code includes Satoshi’s personal comments and thoughts which can be of special interest to crypto enthusiasts:

Satoshi's comments. Source:
Satoshi's comments. Source:
Satoshi's comments. Source:

Perhaps these comments were the reason for hiding the code: for example, they could have been used for hacking purposes.

This discovery doesn’t seem to be overwhelming for people who are not into crypto, but for those who are, it is similar to finding the Rosetta Stone. We do not think that this discovery will have any serious consequences but you never know what further treasures can be discovered in the Tomb of Tutankhamun…

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