After wowing the world with its intense storytelling expertise across TV, film, books, and games, Baobab Studios is choosing to revolutionise Web3 with its latest NFT project Momoguro. Momoguro, a component of the soon-to-be-released Momo Metaverse, is an RPG that allows players to collect digital NFT characters (Momos), embark on adventures, and unravel the story of the ‘Uno Plane’ by acting as the ‘Holoself’.

The Holoself is a being with the rare ability to fuse with multiple Momos to create wildly unique, powerful, and super-fun Momobeasts. Moreover, players use characters of the Uno Plane to unite to fight the Singulars – egotistical monsters seeking to divide the plane.

Powered by Ethereum game developer ImmutableX, Baobab’s Momoguro is one to look forward to give the studio’s extensive background a boost with popular franchises including Star Wars, Marvel, League of Legends, Disney, Zynga, D&D, Pokémon, EA, etc. Baobab’s creators plan to create Momoguro in such a way that it has mainstream appeal – hence the collaboration with ImmutableX. Developed by Martin Allais, the director and animator, Momoguro was created with support from the skilled writer and director Nico Cassavecchia.

So far, the game has already kicked off minting its genesis NFT series, which successfully sold out in a matter of mere hours, and sold for 0.22 ETH (or $365) per NFT.

Baobab isn’t the first Hollywood studio to release NFTs or Web3 content. Last fall, Warner Bros. released “Lord of the Rings” NFTs which gave buyers a digital copy of the first film. Huge players in entertainment like Netflix have also experimented with NFTs for some of their biggest properties. We continue to observe.

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