, a cryptocurrency exchange app based in Singapore, announced that it has committed a four-year gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On April 22 on the website an announcement appeared, which talked about the support of the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab from . The main purpose of the gift was to support continuing research efforts into the stability of fee-based rewards and software to provide strong robustness and correctness guarantees. It is also planned to support research in the security of Bitcoin and to support an open-source development of protocols that underlie the network.

“MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative is playing a critical role in building a sustainable blockchain ecosystem, in particular by fortifying Bitcoin’s underlying protocol. We are excited to further support blockchain research across the globe with such an esteemed institution and help accelerate the world’s safe transition to using cryptocurrencies.” — Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer at

The gift for MIT is not the only one, since 2021 have been also supporting other academic initiatives. Among them is the Secure Blockchain Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University, which develops network security. Also is a member of the Blockchain Association of Singapore, working alongside global corporations and universities worldwide to improve blockchain technology.

Also, leads its own research. To do this, the company has its own team of researchers who publish reports on various topics related to the crypto industry.

“Our research has shown over and over again that from Brazil to Australia, high security standards are one of the top criteria for choosing crypto products. DCI’s research focuses on the security of one of the most widely adopted coins on the planet, a goal we want to support.” — Dr Henry Hon, Head of Research at
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