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ConsenSys Unleashes Linea Mainnet Alpha, Improving Ethereum Scalability

ConsenSys, a leading software company known for its focus on Ethereum (ETH), has launched an Ethereum scaling chain Linea, integrating Zero Knowledge technology.

ConsenSys Linea L2

Blockchain technology company ConsenSys announced the launch of the public mainnet of its zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine (zkEVM) Linea on July 11.

With a broad spectrum of more than 100 protocols, partners, dApps and integrations with prominent Web3 products such as MetaMask, users are granted access to an array of curated Web3 features.

In the preceding testnet phase, Linea demonstrated robust performance with 5.5 million distinctive wallets executing over 47 million transactions within a span of three months. This positioned Linea among the most substantial active projects on Ethereum's Goerli test platform.

Linea's mainnet alpha delivers a variety of further enhancements such as a novel outer-proof system, a dynamic fee mechanism, and batch conflation. These upgrades are aimed at establishing a network with transaction costs that are up to 15 times cheaper than Ethereum Layer 1.

Moreover, ConsenSys is launching the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA), a conglomerate of more than 30 venture capital firms dedicated to supporting builders in the Linea ecosystem. EIA will facilitate dedicated capital, confirmed interest, and a transparent network pipeline.

Linea's zkEVM paves the way for a new era of scalability with an array of innovative features and integrations designed to reduce friction for developers and enhance onboarding. Both DeFi applications and social, gaming, and NFT apps are increasingly choosing Linea, thanks to the zkEVM's EVM equivalence, low gas fees, and fast finality.

The launch of the Linea mainnet alpha is seen as a significant stride towards the provision of scalable and user-friendly blockchain solutions. The Global Product Lead for Linea, Nicolas Liochon, commented on the event and shared his excitement regarding developers leveraging Linea's fast finality, seamless withdrawals, and Ethereum-level security.

To amplify network adoption and growth, Linea offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading Web3 players such as MetaMask and popular ConsenSys developer tools, including Infura, Diligence, and Hyperledger Besu.

As a token of appreciation to early testers and to further support future use cases, ConsenSys honored the efforts of those who participated in the Linea Voyage program. To commemorate this, the Linea team unveiled the first major NFT collection on the network at this week's EthCC event in Paris, with an open mint for all Voyage participants.