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Bachelor's Program in Web3 and Blockchain Technology Revealed in Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia – April 16, 2024 – The National Polytechnic University of Armenia, in collaboration with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia and the Web3 Armenia Foundation, proudly announced the launch of a pioneering educational program. This program is the first in the world to offer a Bachelor’s degree in " Blockchain Technology and Web3," marking a significant milestone in the country's educational advancements in high technology.

The event featured key remarks from Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, Minister of the Ministry Of High-Tech Industry of The Republic of Armenia; Gor Vardanyan, Rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia; and Artyom Harutyunyan, Founder Evangelist of the Web3 Armenia Foundation. They discussed the strategic importance of integrating blockchain technologies into the educational framework and the anticipated impact on Armenia’s digital economy.

Minister Mkhitar Hayrapetyan highlighted the government's commitment to promote innovation:

"Programs that meet the requirements of both the local and international market are of strategic importance for us. This initiative is a clear proof of university-private sector cooperation. Such programs are of strategic importance and will be promoted even more by the government, particularly by the Ministry of High-tech Industry,"

Rector Gor Vardanyan expressed his excitement about the program, noting that Armenia can be a pioneer in the field of education:

"We record two successes today. The university, together with the Web3 Armenia Foundation, was able to make the Blockchain course a reality. The program implemented with the co-financing of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA not only provided students with new knowledge but also the opportunity to find a professional job, requalify, and be competitive. Secondly, we were able to ensure the viability of the project and introduce a new professional educational program, "Blockchain and Web3 Technologies".

In the framework of long-suffering and generating content, we had a program, we got the license and today we record that it is the first educational program that gives a bachelor's qualification. There are still no plans to create qualified specialists in this field in the world," the rector noted.

Artyom Harutyunyan added his vision for the collaboration:

"By launching this program, we are bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Our foundation is excited to collaborate with the Polytechnic University to cultivate a new generation of technologists who will pioneer the development of Web3 and blockchain technologies globally. This initiative will place Armenia on the map as a leader in digital education and innovation."

The bachelor’s program, designed in collaboration with leading experts from the Web3 Armenia Foundation, aims to equip students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in blockchain technology and its applications. The curriculum is crafted to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in this innovative tech sector, fostering an environment of academic excellence and real-world problem-solving.

Enrollment for the new program begins in 2024․