Ubisoft has launched a set of Assassin’s Creed NFTs. Created by Integral Reality Labs, Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles are described as "digital souls" that can be customised and embedded into physical smart collectibles. One can change the figure's outfit, weapon, and pose and then order a 3D-printed version in a cube. The NFTs come in various rarity levels: those with a higher level will unlock greater customisation options for the physical collectibles tied to them.

All collectibles feature an NFC chip that will allow a digital version of the character to be viewed within a companion app when tapped with a smartphone. There are also 1,500 limited edition Pieces of Eden Pass, which give you access to exclusive drops, a unique limited edition digital soul, and a way to jump to the head of the line to get your physical Smart Collectible printed. Pricing details have yet to be released, and for now, there is no information on the website about the release date of the Collectibles either.

While Ubisoft faced criticism for its previous blockchain experiment called Quartz within Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it seems they have not given up on the potential of NFTs. While not as heavily invested as Square Enix, Ubisoft's decision to encase their popular game characters into a blockchain collectible is certainly a bold choice. It had NFT enthusiasts excited, but Assassin's Creed fans – less so.

Fans of the games have reacted exactly as you would expect, frustrated that Ubisoft is going all in on NFTs despite previous pushback. Over on the Smart Collection Twitter account, there are a bunch of positive replies from crypto enthusiasts, but few others are hyped.

Overall, it seems that the company is far from done with NFTs, no matter how many fans complain. We continue to observe.

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