Dogecoin has been updated to version 1.14.6. Improved efficiency, security updates and with many more features.

Dogecoin is an opensource peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that utilises blockchain technology, a highly secure decentralised system of storing information as a public ledger that is maintained by nodes.

It is also worth adding that Dogecoin is a meme. It appeared as a joke, but has been on the crypto market for quite a long time. Dogecoin is actively developing and using more and more new technologies. Earlier we wrote about radiotransactions.

Recently (July 21) Dogecoin released Core Update 1.14.6. The announcement appeared on twitter DogeDesigner. The official Dogecoin account retweeted this announcement and accompanied it with a joke (classic Dogecoin).

Only a brief description of the update was published on Twitter. A more detailed set of information appeared in Dogecoin’s GitHub.

“This is a new minor version release, including important security updates and changes to network efficiency.”

The update can be divided into several main categories: security-related fixes, fee and other features.

Dogecoin security has received several fixes, the developers claim that Dogecoin is now safer. The new fixes include:

  • “The alert system has been removed and processing of alert messages has been disabled.
  • The transaction download system has been made more reliable.
  • The protocol implementation has been amended to reject buggy or malformed messages.
  • Memory management in events of high network traffic or when connected to extremely slow peers has been improved.”

The most pleasant innovation for users in the new update was the reduction of the recommended dust limit. It’s dropped from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE.

As for the new features, the update has brought to Dogecoin three new RPC (Remote Procedure Call) methods, some changes in the user interface and some new translations.

In addition to the Core Update, the Dogecoin website has also been updated. This was also announced on the company’s official Twitter account on July 27:

Sometimes Dogecoin takes off (to the moon!), sometimes it falls. Elon Musk is probably the most famous of the Dogecoin popularisers. There is no reliable information about Elon Musk’s connection with Dogecoin, but Elon mentions Dogecoin quite often on his Twitter. He also tweeted about the 1.14.6 update.

Congratulations to Dogecoin on a successful upgrade! We continue to observe.

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