Louis Vuitton is currently celebrating 200 years, and is paying homage to its founder through a handful of new initiatives including an adventure-based NFT game called Louis: The Game that has already racked up 2 million downloads.

The phone app follows the protagonist, Vivienne, through six different worlds, where she needs to collect 200 candles to commemorate the birthday of Louis Vuitton. And, unlike other fashion games, Louis: The Game is interesting and truly addictive.

Once you enter it, you embark on an unpredictable adventure, and you’re able to run around, jump, and collect items along the way. You’re also able to customize your character with different Louis Vuitton monogram prints and colourways, and you get to learn about LV’s history throughout by collecting post cards and other memorabilia.

There are 30 embedded NFTs you can find throughout the game, designed by artist Beeple. Each NFT is a collectible that can only be found through playing the game, and cannot be sold. Luxury brands are beginning to explore the world of cryptocurrency, with Burberry recently launching its first NFT, and brands including Balenciaga and Gucci also exploring the tech world through games and other virtual activations.

If you are willing to play the game, it is available on Apple, Android, and Google devices.

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