The “Game of Thrones” official NFT collection, listed on Nifty’s NFT marketplace, sold out after just 7 hours of its January 10th release date. The high demand for these NFTs can be explained by the popularity of the show and spinoff series "House of the Dragon", but the creative and visual parts have been a let-down, especially the avatar’s claw-like hands.”

The NFT collection, announced in November, is a collaboration between Nifty's and Daz 3D, a company that develops NFTs. NFTs, minted on the Palm blockchain, feature various elements from the "Game of Thrones" universe, enabling collectors to create their own unique realms and avatars. The collection of “Game of Thrones” NFTs was sold in the form of Hero Boxes, each of which contained a set of cards: one "hero" card, three story cards and nine resource cards. There were 4,950 Hero Boxes, each of which sold for $150 (0.11 ETH).

The crypto community responded to the new NFT collection with criticism, for two main reasons: Firstly, for being ugly, secondly, tediously slow minting. Some users claimed that they had to wait for a considerable amount of time before minting. So, by the time they received their NFTs, the floor price had already dropped. Minting and delivery issues can, however, be common problems during a project's launch. But some buyers were even more disappointed when they opened their Hero Box and saw the artwork within.

The "Hero" avatars are average 3D models of characters based in Westeros' Northern region. But as you can see in the tweet above, some of the 3D models are, to put it mildly, below average. One recurring problem is "salad fingers" – fingers that grotesquely curve around the weapon they're clearly meant to be holding. After a wave of criticism, Nifty’s marketplace reacted on Twitter by saying that Daz 3D plan to address the rendering issues, though stating however that this will only be addressed for the remaining unboxed avatars.

Even amid a bear market, new collections occasionally break through and make serious money. Most recently, Donald Trump's collection of poorly Photoshopped "digital trading cards" made over $5 million.

Yet as poorly as the collection has been received by some people, in some ways it's already been a success. Just under 5,000 Hero Boxes sold out within seven hours, generating nearly $750,000. The Hero Boxes sold on January 10 are the first of many drops in the “Build Your Realm” project, with subsequent collections focusing on different regions within Westeros. We continue to observe.

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